©Copyright (c) 2017 for Thai Boom Restaurant All rights reserved. .  RICE IS NOT INCLUDED Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Mixed Vegetables 8.50 Shrimp or Squid 9.50 51. BROCCOLI With oyster sauce. 52. SPICY EGGPLANT With bell peppers and basil leaves. 53. SPICY BAMBOO With curry sauce. 54. BABY CORN With mushroom and onion. 55. GINGER With mushroom and onion. 56. SNOW PEAS With mushroom, onion, and carrot. 57. KRA PROA With basil leaves, chili, and garlic. 58. PRIK KING With roasted curry paste and green bean. 59. SWEET & SOUR  With onion, carrot, tomatoes, bell peppers, and pineapple. 60. GARLIC PEPPER With ground garlic and pepper. 61. CASHEW NUT With roasted curry paste. 62. MIXED VEGETABLES With oyster sauce. 63. ORANGE CHICKEN or TOFU Sauteed with orange sauce. 64. KUNG PAO Mild spicy sauce with mixed vegetable. 65. MONGOLIAN With mushroom, bamboo shoots, and onion. 66. HONEY DUCK Deep-fried half duck with honey sauce.      11.95 67. CHINESE BROCCOLI WITH CRISPY PORK 9.25 68. PRA RAM BROCCOLI & PEANUT SAUCE 8.50 68A.  PUMPKIN WITH MEAT & EGG 8.50 A LA CARTE VEGETABLES WITH MEAT RICE IS NOT INCLUDED 69. MUK KUNG PRIK (Spicy squid and shrimp) 10.95 70. KUNG PRIK PAO 10.95  Pan-fried shrimp in butter curry sauce. 71. SIAM DUCKLING 11.95  Topped with ginger and mushroom in gravy sauce. 72. PLA SONG KRUENG (Fish Fillet) 11.95 Topped with ginger and mushroom in gray sauce. 73. PLA RAD PRIK 11.95 Deep-fried fish fillet with your choice of curry sauce or chili sauce. 74. CRAB & SHRIMP with YELLOW CURRY 11.95 75. CRAB & SHRIMP IN POT with GLASS NOODLE 11.95 77. STEAMED MUSSEL Served with spicy sauce 11.95 78. CATFISH KRA PRAO 11.95 Deep-fried catfish filet with chili sauce. 79. SHRIMP & SCALLOP 11.95  With basil and bell peppers in spicy sauce. SEAFOOD SIDE ORDERS STEAMED WHITE RICE 1.50 STEAMED BROWN RICE 2.00 STICKY RICE 2.00 SMALL FRIED RICE 2.50 67.   CHINESE BROCCOLI WITH CRISPY PORK 77.   STEAMED MUSSEL 54.   BABY CORN With mushroom and onion 74.    CRAB & SHRIMP with YELLOW CURRY