©Copyright (c) 2017 for Thai Boom Restaurant All rights reserved. .  CURRIES                   RICE IS NOT INCLUDED Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Mixed Vegetables 8.50 Duck, Shrimp, Squid, or Fish Balls 9.50 Seafood        11.50 30. GREEN CURRY  With bamboo shoots and basil. 31. RED CURRY  With bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil. 32. YELLOW CURRY  With potatoes and carrot. 33. KANG PANANG  With bell peppers and basil. 34. RED BEAN CURRY  With shrimp and green bean. 35. KANG -MUSAMUN  Muslim curry with peanut, potatoes, and coconut milk. 35A. PINEAPPLE CURRY  With pineapple, bell peppers, and basil. 35B. PUMPKIN CURRY  With pumpkin, bell peppers, and basil. (Soup or Dry) 36.NOODLE SOUP 8.25 With fish balls, fish cake,  and ground peanut in chicken broth. 37.TOM YUM NOODLE 8.25 With ground chicken, fish balls,  fish cake, and fried wonton. 38.BA - ME 8.95  Egg noodles with BBQ Pork or Roasted Duck 39.WONTON 8.25 With BBQ Pork 40.YENTAFO. 8.95 Flat noodles, shrimps, and squid in pink soup. NOODLE SOUPS Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Mixed Vegetables 8.50 Shrimp or Squid 9.50 Seafood        11.50 41. PAD THAI Stir-fried thin rice noodles with egg, scallion, bean sprouts, and ground peanut. 42. PAD SEE EW Stir-fried flat rice noodles with egg and broccoli with garlic and brown sauce. 43. PAD KEE MOW Stir-fried flat rice noodles with egg, bell peppers, and spicy chili. 44. PAD CHOW MEIN Egg noodles with vegetable. 45. RAD NAH Flat noodles in gravy sauce. 46. KAI KUA Flat noodles,squid,chicken,egg,and ground peanut. 46A. PAD WOON SEN Bean threads with egg and vegetables  PAN FRIED NOODLES Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Mixed Vegetables 8.50 Shrimp, Squid, Duck, or Crab 9.50 Seafood        11.50 47. THAI FRIED RICE Fried rice with egg, tomatoes, and onion. 48. PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE Fried rice with shrimp, chicken 9.50 egg, pineapple, cashew nut, raisin, onion, and curry powder 49. COMBO FRIED RICE With chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp 9.50 50. SPICY FRIED RICE Fried rice with basil, bell peppers, onion, and chili. FRIED RICE 31.   RED CURRY 48.   PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE 30.   GREEN CURRY 38.   BA - ME SEAFOOD FRIED RICE 45.   RAD NAH 41.   PAD THAI 37.   TOM YUM NOODLE 32.   YELLOW CURRY 42.   PAD SEE EW SEAFOOD FRIED RICE FOR SPECIAL FOOD REQUESTS, ADDITIONAL CHARGE WILL APPLY. FOR CONVENIENCE THERE IS A 18% GRATUITY CHARGE FOR PARTIES. OF 6 OR MORE